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Cinglé T-shirt

22.00 euros plus courrier

22.00 euros plus post


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Concernant les vêtements de cyclisme.

C'est une formule simple. Nous concevons et imprimons des vêtements de cyclisme et les vendons directement à vous. Nous commandons des multiples de 6 kits de vélo pour tester l’eau et pour la photographie. Ensuite, nous publions ce kit et prenons votre commande. 3 à 5 semaines plus tard, les marchandises seront avec vous


Reagarding the cycling wear

It's a simple formula. We design and print cycling clothing and sell it direct to you. We order multiples of 6 cycling kits to test the water and photography. Then we publicise that kit and take your order. 3 to 5 weeks later the goods will be with you.


Sign up to one of our camps or trips into the Auvergne for 2020 and get some great freebies. Click on the above page for more details!


Nous organisons des camps ici (en Creuse) à la base et faisons des voyages entièrement soutenus dans des endroits comme le Mont Ventoux et l'Auvergne. Ce dernier étant à nos portes, nous faisons une balade de 5 jours dans cette région étonnante et grimpons sur 10 000m!


We run camps here at base and take fully supported trips to place like the Mont Ventoux and the Auvergne. The latter being on our doorstep, we take a 5 day ride into this amazing region and climb over 10,000m!

Notre maillot Cinglé unique à seulement 46,00 euros. Il existe des cuissards et des gants assortis. Voir la page Cinglé pour plus de détails

Our unique Cinglé jersey at only 46.00 euros. There are matching bibshorts and gloves. See the Cinglé page for details


This printed paper poster/canvas is as unique as you can get. I would imagine that I am the only person to offer such an item. Both paper and canvas options are offered in the same size. 60x90cm. These are delivered to you in a cardboard tube. You can buy a clip frame for both options or have the canvas stretched onto a timber frame.  The paper version is 32.50 euros and the canvas version 39.50 euros including post.


The poster shows a 3D image of the 3 ascensions of Mont Ventoux that go to make up the Cinglé. It is personalised with your name, your Cinglé number, the date you completed the challenge and the your nationality. The flag is a free option.


The smaller images show each ascent in detail as they appear on my mugs.  NOTE: Postage to the UK is 8,50 euros for up to 1kg. A canvas print in the roll weighs only 400gr.  For another 1 euro you can have up to 2kg sent. So, if you are a group, or if you want a set of mugs this is a better way to keep the 'end cost' per item down.