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There are quite a few Cols within reach of our base by the lake. The maps below give you an idea as to how many there are. Some are not very high and others are very long at 8% for 11km and more. It's a very, very beautiful part of France and you'll be happy you chose to ride here. I would not be at all suprised if you went back another day some time in the future!

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TourPerthus20161500x997-1080x675 mAP1 MAP2


Col                               Alt'       KM    Bessayre                    1048       8    

Montirargues              1139       3    

Aulac                          1228       9  

Neronne                     1241       9    

Serre                          1335     11.4  

Redonet                     1531     11.5

Pertus                        1309     [email protected]%

Grifoul                        1338     [email protected]%

Peyrol                        1588      [email protected]


Note: There are many more within a ride away and a few (take the Payrol for example) that have more than one or two roads up.


The Peyrol has 4 and they are

1/ 21km @ 3.1%

2/ 16.8km @ 3.6%

3/ 12.4km @4.3% and

4/ 13.3km @ 4.9%.


Even if you took all 4 over two days,the two climbs and the getting there by bike is BIG. If anyone is up for an early start to do ALL 4.....I'm in. Wanna see the stats for this 'theoretical' savage day? Click HERE


This is just the Cantal area. North East of us we have the Puy de Dome. There are many there too including the Croix St Robert that climbs to 1451m at over 6% for 6km. There should be around 17 cols within reach of us to the North East. Even when you are not riding a known col, the terrain will test you as the only flat you'll get will be a tyre!

The Pro's motoring thru the Massif......